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7 Cool Colleges You've Probably Never Heard Of | Teen Vogue

We wouldn't want you to miss out on the perfect education for you because you didn't know it was out there, which is why we are shedding light on the seven coolest colleges you may have come across. As you start your search, here's a few to keep in mind!

Quest College Counseling 

This blog is written by a college counselor who goes on college tours and writes about them. Enjoy!

The Recipe for a Great College List: WUE Gems, Princeton Review Top Colleges and More

This Palouse Pathways Newsletter (September 2016) offers many ideas to consider and suggestions to add to your college list.

College Admissions: The 5 Most Unusual Colleges in the U.S.

Are college tours and info sessions leaving you bored and listless? Do you feel like the campuses and curricula are all pretty much the same? Well, here are five colleges that shatter the mold. They aren’t for the faint of heart or traditionalists, but they do present opportunities rarely found in the realm of higher education.

Flying High:  A new crop of hands-on universities is transforming how students learn | The Economist

In the past 15 years dozens such institutions have been set up, from Chile to China. Many more are planned. Though they differ in scope, they share an approach. They reject the usual ways of getting young adults to learn: lectures, textbooks, slogs in the library, exams—and professors. Instead students work on projects in teams, trying to solve problems without clear answers. Companies often sponsor the projects and provide instructors. Courses combine arts, humanities and sciences. (The slogan of Zeppelin University, founded in 2003 in Germany, reads: “The problems within our society are ill-disciplined, and so are we!”)

​A Tiny Vermont College Channels Its Inner Movie Mogul to Make the Arts Pay Off

Aspiring film makers might ​consider this program at Marlboro College.

The Top 10 Trans-Friendly Colleges and Universities

​Campus Pride is proud to release this first-ever list of the “Top 10 Trans-Friendly Colleges & Universities” for students, faculty and staff.  The final top 10 list is based on the Campus Pride Index (, which rates LGBT-friendly campuses across the country and our decade of research on LGBT issues. 

American Honors at Spokane Falls Community College

American Honors is a 2-year honors program offered through the collaboration of Quad Learning and leading community colleges. It is designed to affordably serve students of high motivation and ability for the first two years of their college education.   Admission depends on grades (students need a high school GPA of more than 3.0) and personal attributes.  It could be a great, affordably path to success for a motivated local student! 

Clark University

Some students I have spoken with have said they like the idea of going to a school where students work out in the local community. Clark University in Worchester is one of a number of CTCL schools that does this a lot.

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

In fall 2007, the school introduced a trademarked bachelor of innovation degree program, which administrators say is the first of its kind. Today, 384 students are enrolled to study innovation across 19 majors, ranging from digital filmmaking to chemistry to early childhood education.

Dear Spring College

Read about this tiny (currently) all-male FREE college in the California desert.  This would be a life-changing experience for the right student. And maybe women will be able to attend before too long! 

Dennison University - Danville, Ohio
This a great school many of you have never heard of. But you should learn about it. It is very rigorous and challenging academically (like a Reed or a Swarthmore) and it offers FANTASTIC financial aid. It would be a perfect choice for some local students. I hope you will invest a little time in checking it out.

Olin College | The Meaning of 370
Olin has 370 students. That number may shock you, as it did me. Here is a good piece by an Olin Freshman explaining why and what she says would probably hold true for a lot of micro-colleges.​

Hawaii Tokai International College (HTIC)

Aloha! As you are making your college plans, and for those of you who may be thinking outside of the Palouse, we wanted to introduce you to Hawaii Tokai International College (HTIC). We are a small and unique college (in Hawaii!) that offers an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts. Due to our slightly accelerated academic schedule, you can earn your degree (minimum of 60 credits) in as few as 15 months! Credits you earn at HTIC are then transferred to the 4-year school of your choosing. We also offer study abroad opportunities in Japan, Korea and China. The majority of our students are from overseas, and HTIC is an international gateway for students interested in an education that bridges diverse international perspectives. Visit us at Facebook at

Quest University - Squamish, British Columbia (Canada)

​Here is a very interesting school, not too far away. (It's near Whistler in British Columbia.) It uses block scheduling like Colorado College, and it offers merit aid and financial aid.

Swathmore - Swathmore, Pennsylvania 

Swathmore is a small, selective liberal arts college near Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It has a great reputation as one of the most intellectual and least rah rah of the selective colleges. Swarthmore is a great school and they are interested in YOU. They are looking to invite underrepresented students -- including rural students and religious or politically conservative students -- to their college weekends next fall. They will offer to pay the way for students who need it. Contact me at if you are interested or have questions.

Whitman College - Walla Walla, Washington

Here are some reasons why Whitman should definitely be on your radar: 
1. Whitman is one of the most selective schools in our region. Almost all of its students are in top quarter of their class. Average SATs are in the 600-700 range. 
2. Whitman is very close to home. 
3. Whitman is a school with an international student body, so though you'd be close to home you'd be attending school with kids from all over the US and abroad. 
4. Whitman has a great faculty and has just created a computer science major.  
5. Whitman is one of the most generous schools with need-based aid in our area. It met 100% of need for most students who applied. Only Reed College (another excellent school) meets a higher percentage of need. It offers some merit aid too. 

Wayfinding Academy - Portland, Oregon

This is a new very non-traditional college opening in Portland in 2016.

Williams College - Williamstown, Massachusetts

Williams college is a great, highly selective liberal arts college in Massachusets that does a good job of reaching out to high acheiving students with financial need. They have a fly-out program in the fall for seniors who could not otherwise afford to visit. Applications for the program are due SOON! Let me know if you need any more information.

College Football Field Transforms Into Tuition-Paying Farm

As some of you know, I am a fan of work colleges. Those are schools created in the late 1800s for "the rest of us" who were able to pay for the cost of tuition through labor. Sadly, work colleges fell out of favor, but here is a school that's reviving the idea!!