PSAT - Now what?

Sophomores and juniors probably received their PSAT scores right before winter break and may be wondering what happens next.The PSAT is a practice test for the SAT test given in October.  Here's some background on the PSAT and the other college admissions test you are likely to encounter. PSAT scores are not reported to colleges,  but that doesn’t mean they are not important, since they can help you figure out next steps,  This blog post describes next steps for juniors who did great on the PSAT, juniors who did not so hot on the PSAT and sophomores who scored well.  Juniors who scored quite high on the PSATs may qualify for National Merit Scholarships.  Here is a post from a private college consultant that has some great PSAT resources for all kinds of students. including those who hope to qualify for national merit. Your school counselors also have great information!