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SAT prep courses are offered at Moscow High School during the school year.  Check our Calendar of Upcoming Events for upcoming classes.

Reasons to take the SAT seriously (taken from 3/3/16 Palouse Pathways Facebook post).

• A higher SAT score can improve college admission chances, especially for a student with a lower GPA. For example, a student who receives a combined score of 800 (eg, 400 on each section) on the SAT will need approximately a B minus average to get admitted to the University of Idaho; but a student who scores 1000 will be admitted with little more than a C average. At LCSC, students need at least a 600 on the SAT (along with a C average) to be admitted. 
• A higher SAT score can lead to scholarships. AT LCSC a SAT score of 950 will win a student a scholarship of $7500 over four years. With a score of 1260 students win a $10,500 four-year scholarship. 
• A higher SAT score can help a student qualify for lower tuition at schools participating in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program. For example, at Montana State a student who receives a score of a little over 600 on each section of the SAT is eligible for tuition breaks more than $53,000 over four years.

You can Apply to College WITHOUT Test Scores
As many students know, there are a lot of schools that allow you to apply without submitting test scores.  This website lists virtually all of them.  You might want to consider applying without test scores if your grades are very good and you don't feel that your test scores reflect your ability.  Many schools are willing to give you very fair consideration without test scores.  But one question mark is whether applying without test scores will impact your eligibility for merit aid.  It can be a problem because schools usually take test scores into account in making merit determinations.  Some schools, including Willamette, have a formula that lets them award aid to students who don't submit scores WITHOUT penalty.  But you'll have to call individual schools to see what their policy is.  If you're confused and want to explore this option get in touch and we can try to work it through together:  palousepathways@gmail.com

Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests

  • ​This is a sortable database of the SAT Subject Test Requirement for admission to some of top national universities and liberal arts colleges in America. The information contained in the database reflects the most recent information collected from various sources, including college websites.​
  • The SAT Subject Tests are multiple choice tests that take one hour to complete. The SAT Subject Tests are given during the October, November, December, January, May and June test administrations. (Subject Tests are not given during the March test administration.)
  • While some colleges, including the University of California, do not require that applicants submit SAT Subject Test scores as a part of their college admission applications, most of these colleges will still consider applicants' Subject Test scores in the evaluation of the applicants' strengths and interests. 

ACT Test Dates (2016, 2017)

​Here's a helpful checklist designed to help students figure out when they should take the ACT. It includes dates for rising seniors and even tools for younger students to plan for their ACT date. Remember, the best advice is to take both the SAT and ACT during your junior year. That way you can find out which test best showcases your abilities.

Average SAT & ACT Scores by State (Adjusted for Participation)

Here is some very interesting information posted on Prep Scholar about SAT scores in Idaho and how they compare with other states. Our average is a bit lower than some (as you might have guessed if you've been following the "Don't Fail Idaho" advertisements), but that is because we have really high participation rates.

Big news about the new SAT!

(WBNG Binghamton) On March 5, College Board will be handing out a revamped SAT test. This is the first time in 11 years the test has been changed. The changes are said to better reflect what students are learning in class. This new test measures skill and knowledge students need to be ready for college and beyond.

The Answer Sheet - Do colleges superscore ACT and SAT equally?| Washington Post

Superscoring means a school will consider your highest score in each section over multiple sittings. For example, if you take the SAT twice and get 600 cr 650 w and 550 m the first time, and 620 cr 600 w and 600 m the second, a college that superscores will consider your SAT score to be 620 cr 650 w 600 m. Some colleges will do the same with ACT, but fewer schools do. That's because ACT is generally reported as a composite. Learn more here.

Handscoring the ACT: Should You Order It? | Prep Scholar
Did your ACT scores seem way out of whack? Enough that you think there was an error in the scoring process? It’s possible to get your test rescored manually for a fee.