what you need to know…

Why should you become a Palouse Pathways Scholar?

Do you…

  • Hope to go to a college that is a great fit for you?

  • Worry about how to pay for it?

  • Think that you will need help navigating the whole college thing?

  • Want to find a group of students interested in talking about ideas and pursuing challenging projects?

Palouse Pathways Scholars is a brand new, free program designed to help you make the most out of high school and connect you with terrific opportunities to learn and grow and shine in college admissions! Your feedback will be essential as we shape this experience together to best suit your needs.

What are the benefits to becoming a Scholar?

  • Developing the habit of engagement in areas of interest

  • Developing self-awareness and confidence

  • Developing knowledge of the college process

  • Finding a community of engaged peers

  • Engaging in long term planning

  • Mentoring and advising

  • Financial support for Spark projects, if needed

  • Free group college visits around the inland Northwest

  • Advice and assistance on choosing a college that is a good fit and affordable for you

  • Financial and other support with the college application process

  • Help with outreach and recommendations to colleges

  • Support in the transition to college and use of resources available

What are your responsibilities as a Palouse Pathways Scholar?

  • Commit to joining a cohort of your peers throughout 9-12 grades

    • Participate in 3-4 meetings a year to share goals, ideas, projects, and progress

  • Attend four workshops offered through Palouse Pathways

    • 9th/10th Grade

      • Path to College

    • 10th/11th  grade

      • College Careers and Majors

      • College Exploration

    • 12th Grade

      • College Application Workshop

  • Engage in activities designed to encourage you to dig deeper into topics of interest, explore future plans, and prepare for the college admissions process

    • Spark projects

    • Shared journals

    • Test  prep

    • Summer reading groups?

What to know more?
Contact us at palousepathways@gmail.com.