About to be a college freshman? Here is some advice.

Senior year is an exciting and uncertain time, filled with difficult decisions, heartbreaking endings, a lot of waiting, and, of course, magical new beginnings.

As a senior, it can be stressful waiting to hear back from colleges and, at times, it can seem like that is the focus of all your attention. But if you obsess about the future, you may miss out on all the memories you are making right now.

In order to assist you through this tumultuous and highly exciting time, Palouse Pathways asked a few recent Moscow High School graduates what advice they would offer to current seniors.

Here is what they had to say:

Stop, smell the roses, and enjoy where you are right now. High school is great, and the friends you have currently are great.

Breathe. Being accepted or rejected from colleges does not define your worth as a student or as a person. And do not be afraid to explore back-up plans.

Breathe again- whatever decision you end up making will be the right one, because you made it.

Try and visit the colleges where you have been accepted, if at all possible. It is the vibe of the college and its campus that will convince you.

Breathe one more time. Rejection is okay. It just moves us into new directions and away from others. Additionally, the same can be said for relationships, though this one may be harder to accept.

The students also offered advice on how to succeed in college:

Cultivate moderation in your activities- do not think you have to go to everything and meet everyone, but absolutely get out and do something.

Learn how you study best: quiet spaces, fewer distractions, focusing on one assignment at a time. And don’t think you can multi-task. It is not real.

Be sure and get to know your professors and fellow students, you may need their help at some point. And it’s good to have connections.

It is time you take ownership of your own experiences. College is a personal experience; it is what you make of it. No one else can make memories for you, or learn the material on your behalf. Do not forget to have fun in between all of that coursework. After all, college is said to be the best time of your life. It would be a shame if you missed out on that because you were afraid to step out of your comfort zone.