Here are some steps that can help

1. Don’t know what to do?  DON’T PANIC.  It’s okay to be unsure.  Now is a great time to explore options and consider the possibilities.

2. It helps to start by getting to know how you tick.  Do you like challenges or would you prefer to stick to routines?  Do you like crowds or would you rather stick to yourself?  The International Personality Item Pool will ask you some general questions about your likes and preferences and will analyze your responses to see where you fit in on qualities such as extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness as compared to others.  Click here for a short version of the test that takes 10-20 minute, and a longer version that takes 30-40.  Your results are available instantly.

3. Next, figure out:  What do you value in a career, profession or job?  Are you willing to work long hours to earn a high salary?  Is it important to you to receive recognition for the work you do?  Would you rather work shorter hours to pursue hobbies or other interests? Here’s a quiz that will help you identify your career values, so you can find a career that fits. 

4. Figure out what careers best fit your interests.  O*Net will ask you questions about your interests in different work activities and suggest careers based on your responses and on the amount of preparation you are prepared to do to pursue a career. 

5. Want to explore career choices in more detail?  There are programs available for a small fee (about $20) that can provide you with a more detailed assessment of your interests and available careers and also provides you with information about the types of career clusters and majors best suited to your interest.  The JVIS is a great example.

6. Want to take all the information you’ve developed and find the right major, college and career? Try myroad.collegeboard.com. Click on the tools on the left if you’d like to further assess your personality and interests!

7. Still not sure?  TOTALLY FINE.  Here’s an article that explains why it’s ok to figure it out later.