Dreading Writing Your College Application Essay?
Tips From the Pros | NBC News

One of the most intimidating elements of the college application for many students is the essay or personal statement. As students begin their applications, here are some tips from the pros to make the process a little less panic-inducing.

The College Essay Guy
Here are some websites that offer free help with essays.  This one is my favorite.  The College Essay guy has great brainstorming exercises and tips for how to structure your essay.

Baring my soul in 500 words:  How I survived 16 essays and the college application process
Reflections of a high school senior.


Just when you think you are done writing essays...

Check out the Palouse Pathways November 15, 2015 blogpost on general organizing tips for writing college essays.

Tips for Writing to Essay Prompts
These suggestions, written specifically for the 2017 University of California application process, provide excellent general guidance for how to approach the choices and development of college application essays.

What Makes a Great College Essay | Huffington Post
Your character is the hardest thing for admission officers to measure. The essay is your chance to reveal who you are — your passions, values, authenticity and sincerity. Be yourself!

A Plea to Those Helping Students With College Application Essays: Let the 17-year-old Voice Take Center Stage | Huffington Post
Admissions officers tell me they desperately want essays written authentically by the applicants, featuring stories, themes, and language that reflect the applicant’s actual writing.

And here are some general writing tips for the college essay: