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Essay Workshop

Essay Workshop

Hundreds of students from Plummer to Asotin and Colfax to Kamiah have benefitted from Palouse Pathways’ assistance in the last five years. Students have worked with us and our partners in schools, colleges and businesses to find their personal path beyond high school. Our all-volunteer crew has provided time, talent and expertise to help families navigate the process.      

In 2019, we will be able to provide our assistance free or at low cost because of the support we receive from individuals and organizations. Palouse Pathways will:  

1. Kick off our new Palouse Pathways Scholars program. We will be looking for 30 ninth-tenth graders, including low income, first generation, small town and rural students, who will receive individualized opportunities for collaboration, enrichment and mentoring throughout high school. They will be escorted to college fairs and helped to apply for college visits.  They will be provided with micro-grants to fund passion projects and help them take advantage of cultural and educational opportunities.  Cost: $10,000 from grants and community; we need community support to prime the pump for this program.

2. Host a regional Alternatives to College fair to bring families together with representatives from trade and apprenticeship groups and certificate programs. Cost: $2000

3. Provide FAFSA workshops to help families apply for financial aid. Cost: $500 

4. Provide SAT Prep courses at high schools at low or no cost. Cost: $1000 

5. Provide free Path to College presentations to teach families of ninth and tenthgraders the steps they can take to prepare for college and graduate with little or no debt.  Cost: $1000 

6. Provide a free College Exploration Course, so that tenth and eleventh graders can examine their strengths, what they want in college, what colleges meet their needs, and how to stand out in admissions.  Cost: $1500 

7. Provide students with information and insights about the process of applying to competitive colleges like Harvard, Standford, etc., at our Selective College Workshop. Cost $500.

8. Provide an introduction to honors college and programs throughout the region at our Honors College Fair. Cost: $1000.

And this is only a partial list! We are able to do so much on our shoe-string budget because we have no paid staff and pay no rent — all our money goes to programminig. And we receive great community support.

Your tax-deductible contribution, no matter how small, will support these programs, Palouse Pathways and local students.  You can mail a check to 1120 Kouse St. Moscow ID 83843, or click here to donate through paypal