Selective College Nuts and Bolts

Selective colleges can provide GREAT OPPORTUNITIES for students from the Palouse, but some have special features you should know about before you apply.

Many selective colleges offer GENEROUS FINANCIAL AID, but some limit their aid to students with financial need, and many make their own need determination.  

  • However, some schools ONLY provide aid to students who have financial need. They do not provide merit aid.

  • Answer six questions at and/or complete each school’s net price calculator to find out how much financial assistance your family will qualify for!

Some selective colleges require or recommend that students take SAT 2 Subject Tests.  These are one-hour tests given at the same time as the regular SAT.  Check with the admission office to see if they are recommended or required or check:

Many selective colleges require SAT or ACT test results (and look for strong scores), but some selective colleges are test optional.  You can check this list of test-optional schools here.  

Some schools invite students to visit campus free of charge to participate in SUMMER PROGRAMS OR FALL FLY-IN PROGRAMS. Check www. for more information.  

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